Bullion Prices

One of the factors that is used to determine the price of silver coins is the current market value that bullion has. Many silver dollars are very common and those produced up until the middle of the 1960s were minted using 90% silver. Each coin has a currency value of $1 today, but if the same coin is sold for the value of the bullion it may be worth anywhere from $15-$30, depending on the actual weight of the coin.

2008 silver coinThe price of precious metals has gone up considerably in the last 5-10 years, and gold is not the only precious metal that has attracted attention. Silver prices are also very high right now, making these coins more valuable than ever based just on the bullion content that these coins have. If a coin is rare or it has a high numismatic value then it may be worth more than the metal it contains. Many silver coins are not highly valued by collectors because these coins are commonly found.

The bullion price may be the highest value possible, or the coin could be worth more because it is in mint condition or it has an unusual error or design. Deciding to sell a coin based on the bullion value is a decision that should be considered carefully. Always have each coin professionally appraised to ensure that the coin is not a highly desired version that is worth more than the value of the silver content.

Every coin will have a specific condition and grading that is given. If the coin is valued based on the silver content then the condition will not matter. Even coins that are in very poor condition will be valued on the weight and silver content. These coins may be melted down so that the silver can be recovered.

The weight will be used to calculate an accurate value. Coins that have been in circulation for many years may weigh a little less because of the excessive wear.

The American Silver Eagle